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Prof. Tosan Blessing wrote:

You guys went into the streets to protests Nigerian Police brutality. Calling to an end to SARS. You claimed people were 'MASSACRED' at Lekki toll gate. The Lagos State Government established a Judicial Panel of Enquiry. To investigate alleged Police brutality in the state and the Lekki TollGate incident. 

That Panel is same as a Tribunal, headed by Justice Doris Okuwobi, a retired Judge.

Your Lawyers argued that the Lekki toll gate remain closed till the end of the assignment of the Panel. In the wisdom of the Tribunal the Judge ruled that they will close the toll gate until FORENSIC EXPERTS conclude investigations of what happened on 20.10.2020. 

You wanted Justice. The LCC wanted Justice too.

So the LCC the company in charge of the toll gate applied to repossess the toll gate after the forensic experts submitted report to the panel. Which is fair. But your Lawyers opposed the application on the grounds that people were 'MASSACRED' and that the Reddington hospital was yet to give evidence. But LCC told the Panel that it was a private firm and had no role in the issue. That it's place of business was used for protest and that the staff are suffering as a result of the closure of the toll gate. Which are FACTS.

The Panel ruled that since the Forensic experts have concluded works and reports submitted and there was no evidence implicating LCC in anyway, LCC should repossess, assess, rebuild and get back to operations. 

You on the other hand who claim to be fighting for the "RULE OF LAW" said NO, you will not accept the verdict of a Constitutionally established Panel that you signed to and have representatives who are paid with Tax Payers money. You won't accept the verdict because it didn't favour you. 

How can it favour you when you claimed 'MASSACRE' but can't present a single proof of a dead body? 

All the people you claimed died either resurrected or were never dead. You want the toll gate to remain closed because to your own view it belongs to somebody you want to destroy. 

You can't be claiming "IN MEMORY OF VICTIMS" when there were never victims. 

This is a clear case of LAWLESSNESS. 

 Meanwhile, another Court of the land ruled that accounts of leaders of the protest frozen by the CBN should be unfrozen and you celebrated that judgement. Yet you won't accept the one you lost?