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So he came out of the gleaming black SUV, T-shirt boldly screaming the now immortal words – EFCC, I AM HERE. And, this marked the beginning of what would look like a long and arduous journey for the former governor of Ekiti State Ayo Peter Fayose with the authorities.

In the midst of this excitement and restlessness, let us not loose sight of the symbolism of it all. This particular suspect has been the most virulent critic of this administration and this marked him out from day one. His inevitable issues with the EFCC has been well foretold and in fact it would have been the 8th wonder of the world if he escaped their attention.

Secondly, he did not do the ‘right’ thing. He did not defect or seek to cut a deal to escape this impending date. In the last 24 months, a myriad of cowardly clay footed politicians have trodden this route, tearing into tatters the so called anti-corruption battle of the administration. So many politicians have all taken this route and Peter begins to look like a giant amongst men for not threading the same dishonorable path.

The EFCC in its delirious attempt to make a ‘show’ of this alleged criminal went out of their way in their enthusiasm. They issued al sort of statements, wrote all sort of authorities all in a bid to stave off any attempt at escaping. But they need not have bothered. The rock was not going anywhere. He was the rock and would stand.

He strode into the bowels of the EFCC, T shirt gleaming and making a strong statement of compliance, respect for the rule of law and a feverish confidence in the rule of law and in the judiciary a vehicle for the protection of the rights of all Nigerians, including strident government opposing figures.

The thrust of this write up is a call on the EFCC to make sure they respect the rule of law, follow due process and make sure that ‘The Rock’ and indeed all Nigerians are not deprived of their rights. This investigation must go on according to the laid down rules and procedures and quickly taken to the courts as expected, leaving the system to run its full course.

Peter, like every other Nigerian, has a right to a fair hearing, a right to defend himself and a right to be treated in a humane and honorable manner while in the custody of the agency.

We do not begrudge the agency for attempting to carry out their constitutional roles but then again they also must be seen to be above board, impartial and above all, be fighting for the good of Nigeria.

EFCC, ‘Here I am’ is a call to action, it is a taunt to the right thing and it is a dare to cast its investigative net far and beyond the current narrow prisms of a pidgeon-holed fight against corruption.

By Joseph Edgar…