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The serial attempts to remove the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki (PDP/Kwara) from office has continued to raise constitutional, legal and political questions, especially after the botched attempt last Tuesday seeking to sack the National Assembly complex in order to effect an unconstitutional change.

To this end, it is Paramount to take a look at Senate Presidents who have been impeached from 1999- till date and on what grounds they were impeached?
  • Late Chief Evans Enwerem 
The late Enwerem was impeached for alleged perjury and age falsification. He was President of the Senate from June 3, 1999 to November 18, 1999. Having been accused of falsifying his age and academic qualifications, he was subsequently asked to step down. But Enwerem refused, and 90 of 99 senators (in a 109-member Senate) voted to impeach him. Two opposed the motion and the rest were either absent or abstained from voting.
  • Late Dr Chuba Okadigbo
Okadigbo took over from Enwerem and was President of the Senate between 1999 and 2000. The senate voted to impeach him following demands for his resignation over allegations of corruption. Okadigbo, who spent just about 263 days in office, was impeached by 81 to 11 votes, following his refusal to resign as demanded by the Senate.
  • Senator Adolphus Wabara
In the case of Wabara, his colleagues had in May 2004 moved to investigate him over alleged financial misdeeds, accusing him of exceeding his authority by handing out various contracts without the knowledge or approval of the Senate committee responsible for such. Wabara denied the allegation and claimed that it was a plot by Igbo senators, who wanted his position.

But in April 2005, Wabara resigned from his position after allegations were made that he and others took a $400,000 bribe from then Minister of Education, Fabian Osuji.

For Senator Bukola Saraki to be removed, 2/3 majority votes of the entire members of the senate is needed. That is, 73 of 109 senators will need to move against Saraki before he can be removed. Does this seem visible in this present time? And on what ground will he be removed?

Culled from : ThisDay