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See What Nigerian Soldiers Were Captured Doing To A Lady

Nigerians have condemned an alleged harassment of a lady by some military officers who forced her to pull down her trousers because she wore a military camouflage.

According to the Punch, a military man, who was supervising the unsavoury show, bent over the victim, who looked terrified and appeared to be begging another officer whose face was not revealed by the shot.

Although the identity of the supervising military officer was also shielded by his cap, the face of the lady at the centre of the drama was visible.

PUNCH Metro could not establish the time, place and circumstances surrounding the incident. But available information showed the victim was harrassed somewhere in the northern part of the country for putting on army camouflage.

A large number of people, who reacted to the photo on different social media platforms condemned the incident, saying the victim was dehumanized, Punch reports.