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Sacked Commissioner Allegedly Expose Governor Fayose

Last week, Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose sacked all the commissioners in his cabinet without giving reasons for the action.

The reason for the sack is still unknown but in a post written by AYO OJENIYI, one of the sacked commissioners has allegedly given the reason behind the sack. Is this true? Read what OJENIYI posted below:

From one of the sacked commissioners

“We are not surprised by the sack my brother. Before this time, I can tell you there is nothing like cabinet members under Fayose, since we were appointed, we had just two executive Council meetings. One at the cabinet chamber and the last one at Osuntokun building where all the commissioners stood up for more than one hour in a meeting with the Governor. Mind you, our contributions are not important. Sometimes I don’t even remember my portfolio. Sometimes, I felt like resigning from the government. The government is the estate of one man. The business of the state is the business of one family. It belongs to Fayose, his wife, sons and his mother. Those are his cabinet members.

No one knows what goes around in the state. You see projects here and there and you asked: “Who are the contractors and how do they get the jobs.” Even the commissioner of Finance does not know the contractors or how the contracts are being awarded. All he does is to pay the contractors. It is funny indeed my brother.

All you see about this government is lie and nothing but lies. Everything about this government is fraud against the soul and spirit of Ekiti people. You can imagine a Governor telling you that everything in this government is about him. In this state today, nobody can approve anything, even as commissioner, I don’t approve anything. I don’t know anything about the running of this government. Everybody has been coarsed including the labour leadership. The Accountant General has no says in the finances of the state. The Governor only asked her to tell the state whatever figure of money they agreed upon on a monthly basis. Everybody is suffering under this government. So, for me, this is a relief. I have just dragged myself back only under this government.

Can you imagine that all the street lights across the state are being handled by Rogba, the first son of Fayose. All the cements on projects are being supplied by his mother, while the wife is in charge of other materials such as granites, iron rods and so on. The state has been massively and fraudulently milled by the Fayose’s. Thant is just my position.

He wanted us to beg him and coarsed us to signing an oath of allegiance secretly. That’s why we are being handled this way. The issue of Aribisogan is seriously giving him a sleepless nights. He is confused and dejected presently. This week, he will be carrying out the secret oaths with the remaining House of Assembly members and the incoming Commissioners. That is the truth my brother.

I the pray to God to save the soul of Ekiti people from the demon called Fayose. In no distance time, more of the secret of Fayose will be in the public domain and by that time, may be EKITI people will be wise enough to use their votes to send
him back to where he belongs. God bless you my brother.