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THE 21st CENTURY MARKET PLACE - What You Should Know

What in essence is a marketplace? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the marketplace as an open square or place in a town where markets or public sales are held: “the marketplace” is the interpreter of supply and demand. It also says it is the world of trade or economic activity, the everyday world, a sphere in which intangible values compete for acceptance, like the marketplace of ideas, goods, services and absolutely anything.

The understanding of the 21st century marketplace brings to synthesis the permutations and maneuverings of what the marketplace is and where the market place is. The knowledge of how one ideology or systemic activity becomes the frontier for a new world order and predicates how people now live and access goods and services is very fundamental. This marketplace no longer exists in mundane places like stores, lockup shops, stalls, malls and plazas. The 21st century marketplace is a virtual mall, one that displays a trend and a lifestyle that has made life easy, secure and faster than usual.

Looking closer, classified sites represents the reality of the 21st century marketplace as described above. These sites are known to offer users free online shelves or spaces to display and advertise their goods and services where would be buyers engage and make purchases in a very less cumbersome and simplistic way. Classifieds like,, and just to mention a few are some of the platforms that offer classified ad service in the Nigerian marketplace.

The 21st century has seen a new human behavior that drifts in the direction of using technology to drive many engagements that usually would be achieved by means of old crude methods. However, this behavior may have been backed by the emergence and onward boom of the internet, but realistically, it is the millennials who have unarguably been trend setters and drivers who takes the credit for making classifieds a successful human influencer.

As the influence and acceptance of classifieds continue to proliferate the market possibilities have enormously advanced in tandem be it by way of its position as a social enabler, business driver or as market substitute. The reality is the advancement experienced in the 21st century with regards to Nigeria may have been slowed by the internet penetration level, but, this in anyway has not halted the acceptance and engagements by Nigerian users.

More and more innovations will come in the course of time, more will go extinct and some will just become a default in the social behavior of natives but the 21st century being an interesting time have been exception knowing that giving the capacity and propensity to do more it has birthed a great idea that is also pro bono. In essence, buying and selling online has not only crept into the minds of the world but have even modeled and shaped the way people live, behave and engage. For classified sites like,, and who have defined the Nigerian marketplace over a short time keep the 21st smart and tidy.