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Lagos Clarifies Why A Foot-Like Statue Was Erected At Newly Reconstructed Ojodu Berger Road

Before now, I had thought the foot-like statue erected at the newly reconstructed Ojudu Berger road will be that of one notable personality. I remembered when I and my friends were passing through the road, we saw the foot-like statue and we were like, what is this?. One of my friends jokingly said the foot belongs to ''Jagaban'' the National Leader of APC and we all laughed.

The Lagos State government now clarifies this. It says:

''In Ojodu Berger, the entry point into the State, a Foot-like Statue was also erected. The significance of the Statue is to encourage youths to put their best foot forward and to know that every journey to success starts with a step.

Newly built Foot statue at Ojodu Berger as part of the urban regeneration to beautify and celebrate Lagos @ 50 as well as promote the cultural heritage of the State by the Lagos Government''.