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“I’m sad that you are inviting me to speak on Governor Fayose, Buhari's Aide Tells Channels TV

President Muhammadu Buhari's SSA on Media and Publicity Garba Shehu said the call for Buhari's resignation is a misplaced demand, Channels reports.

Speaking to Channels TV Politics today, he labeled Governor Fayose as someone who likes publicity and can go to any length to be heard.

The Ekiti State Governor had earlier at a press briefing asked that the President resigns from office because according to him, his administration had performed below expectation; a situation he described as a misadventure for Nigerians.

“I’m sad that you are inviting me to speak on Governor Fayose. If you follow the Presidency, we don’t talk when he talks because he is desperate for publicity.

“We have a constitution that governs the country and the constitution is very clear about how the country runs. This country has a tripod of authority in terms of distribution of political power. You have the parliament which is doing its own work, you have the judiciary which is running, you have the executive and we don’t have any problem with this so therefore if anybody has a problem with the constitution then they should go and change it.”

While addressing the President’s anti-corruption fight in regards to the recent suspension of a top government official and a chieftain of the APC, Mr Babachi Lawal, Mr Garba noted that such a move only shows that the Buhari administration is working as opposed to criticisms from the opposition party.

“What that tells you is that the administration is working and that if the President can fire people that are immediately working with him on the basis of allegations of corruption, it then tells you that it is a system that is impartial”, reported by CHANNELS TV