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Whistle Blowing: The Quickest and Fastest Way to be a Millionaire

Sincerely, you do not have to be locked up in a house for about 78 days to be a millionaire like Efe did in the just concluded Big Brother Naija See Goobe 2017 reality show.

The federal government has put in place a policy that can make Nigerians millionaire over night. You just need to look inward.

By now, I expect you to have known the policy am talking about. It is the Whistle Blower Policy introduced by the Nigerian government to fight corruption. Under the policy, the Whistle-Blower will get between 2.5 percent (minimum) and five percent (maximum) of the recovered loot, provided that “there is a voluntary return of stolen or concealed public funds or assets on the account of the information provided”. 

The policy consists of three major components. One focuses on the channels for reporting information and the type of information to be reported.

Anyone who has “authentic information about violation, misconduct, or improper activity which can impact negatively on the Nigerian people and government” should report it through one or the other of three channels: via SMS to 0909 806 7946; via email to; or by logging on to the whistle-blowers’ portal at <>.

This policy no doubt is working as it has aided the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the recovery of idle funds from corrupt practices.

From the beginning of this week, the EFCC has been recovering funds from different location across the country through Whistle Blowers.

On Monday, 250million idle funds suspected to be proceeds from corrupt practise was recovered from a market on Lagos Island.

On Tuesday, about 4billion which allegedly belong to former Deputy Governor of Niger State was recovered.

Wednesday, ''Gigantic'' sum of money stashed in an apartment in Ikoyi was recovered. The Nigerian Tribune says it 15 Billion.

Just imagine you were the Whistle Blower, do you realize how much you would have made in just 3 days.

The Whistle Blower Policy has come to stay. Capitalize on it now and enrich yourself

Watch below how huge some of money were recovered from an apartment in Ikoyi.