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Owners of $50M Found in Ikoyi may Never be Known - Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, Publisher Sahara Reporters
A short note from Publisher of Sahara Reporters on $50M found in Ikoyi

After lots of days working to unravel the owners of the $50m hidden in that Ikoyi apartment in Lagos, we have reached a "dead end".

I am saying it is a dead end not because the true owners of the money have been unraveled but because the true owners may never be known.

In the last few hours, things have taken a dramatic turn with the DG of Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA) reportedly stepping into the fray to claim the funds.

They've now claimed that the money was meant for a very "important covert operation". This case will be now be resolved through some paperwork and nothing more. It is a crooked family affair.

The Nigerian state is a gravy train but we must not give up until all the wheels come off!

Omoyele Sowore