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Origin of ''Keep The Change Bae'' and Lessons to Learn

All through yesterday, #KeepTheChangeBae was trending on twitter. You might be wondering what this is all about - Here is a quick narration....

A young chap called Pablo Ayodeji went on a date with a lady called Ore. Expecting to start a relationship with the lady, the guy got disappointed when the lady told him she was not interested.

The angry dude who had spent N3800 for the date took to his twitter handle calling the girl hungry saying some girls are mad thinking he would get support from his followers but to his surprise, the lady responded by transferring N5000 to his Wema bank account telling him to keep the change.

The guy was thereafter blasted by twitter followers.

That was the origin of ''keep The Change Bae''

How did the lady get the guy's Wema Bank Account No? Well, I leave you to figure that out...

For everything that happens, there is always one or two things to learn. has highlighted the following lessons to be learned from what transpired between the duo;

1. Every disappointment is a blessing Since this happened, both Pablo and Ore have become famous. Several brands have been offering them mouth-watering gifts. When it all started, they never expected it to become this big but it did. That disappoint you experienced might just turn out to be your greatest blessing. 

2. Nigerians will take advantage of anything Everyone is tweeting about #keepTheChangeBae and brands have refused to be left out. Most brands have seized the opportunity to advertise what they do.

3. Be careful what you post on social media Once you post anything on social media, it becomes public property and you cannot take it back. It will still be there for years to come. Even if you decide to delete it, someone somewhere would have a screenshot. You do not bring all your problems to social media and stop washing your dirty linen in public because all people will do is make it worse.

4. A date does not equate to a mandatory relationship acceptance Just because you spent money on a girl does not mean she has to pay you back. It is not like she begged you for it. She was on her own until you came along to ask her out.

5. You don’t have to depend on a man Some girls can never do anything for themselves unless a man is paying for it. Women should learn to be independent. Ore has surely given some women inspiration on being independent.

6. People will disown you when you are in trouble Nobody wants to be associated with Pablo. Everyone is just bashing the poor guys. Do not be surprised that his friends are among the people trolling him. In life, people will desert you when you are trouble.

7. Everybody makes mistakes Pablo has apologized to the lady but that has not stopped Nigerians from dragging him on social media. People will forgive you when you make a mistake and owning up to it.

8. Nothing lasts forever You think people are talking trash about you, do not worry, it will pass. Something else will happen and they will forget about you and move on to the next one.

9. Everyone has an opinion on social media Even those who are guilty of the same thing as Pablo are dragging him on Twitter and calling him names.

See tweets from the guy HERE and tweets from the girl HERE then you judge