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Go and Re-Appear in Uniform: Senate Tells Custom's CG (VIDEO)

The Red Chambers has informed the Custom's CG Hameed Ali to go and re-appear in his uniform on March 22, Naij reports.

The Senators had initially allowed Ali into the Hallowed Chambers today Thursday and queried him on why he has refused to heed the call of the Senate to dress in his Uniform.

Hammed Ali told the senators he was not aware of any act that compels him to wear uniform but he his seeking advice from his lawyers.

The Senators refuse to accept is plea.

Although Senator Magnus Abe pleaded with him to wear his uniform, other senators disagreed.

Senator George Sekibo moved that Ali be sent out of the chambers to return at a leter time but in his uniform. He was seconded by Senator Barnabas Gemade, who said the CG had to present a good example to other leaders of institutions.

Ali decided to show up before the senators on Thursday after the upper house of legislature resolved to issue a warrant for his arrest if he did not show up today.

The senators on Wednesday, March 15, during a plenary unanimously passed a motion to issue the warrant that will compel Ali appear before it on Thursday, March 16.

The Senate decision came after Ali failed to make an appearance before the Red Chamber on Wednesday.

He had in a letter told the Senate that he (Ali) would not be able to appear before it because he was bereaved, Naij reports.