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Make Quick Money As A Whistle Blower

The Nigerian government recently introduced Whistle Blower Policy to support its fight against corruption. Under the policy, the whistle-blower will get between 2.5 per cent (minimum) and five per cent (maximum) of the recovered loot, provided that “there is a voluntary return of stolen or concealed public funds or assets on the account of the information provided”. 

The policy consists of three major components. One focuses on the channels for reporting information and the type of information to be reported.

 Anyone who has “authentic information about violation, misconduct, or improper activity which can impact negatively on the Nigerian people and government” should report it through one or the other of three channels: via SMS to 0909 806 7946; via email to; or by logging on to the whistle-blowers’ portal at <>. Incidentally, my attempt to log on to the portal the other day in a test run was unsuccessful.