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We are coming this week to collect our dues; Robbers tell Landlord and Tenants - see details

Some speculated equipped criminals have composed and sent a letter to some Lagos occupants, instructing them to get ready to pay them for Christmas, Punch reports. 

According to the reports, occupants of Joseph Harrison Estate in the Yaba region of Lagos State got the letter on Wednesday, advising them of the looming assault on them. 

The News Agency of Nigeria accumulated that the letter was placed on the vehicle of one of the occupants and was found when he was going to wash his auto.

The letter reads:

“We are coming this week to collect our dues and to visit tenants and landlords of Joseph Harrison Street. If you like, go and bring police or soldiers; we are coming to perform our duties.

“If you cooperate, we will not kill, but if you fail to cooperate, blood will flow,”

NAN noted on Thursday that sterner security measures had been put in place to protect lives and property on the estate.

The Chairman of the community development association of the area, Mr. Bolanle Akinyemi, said the estate had enjoyed some peace for long, as it was protected by guards and the police from the Sabo Police Post.

“We are also mindful of the slum that surrounds us and we have been conscious of suspected criminals.

“No one has received such a letter before, but there was a case in 2013 when a company in the estate was robbed,” he said.

The chairman said they had reported the threat to the Sabo Police Division and more guards had been engaged on the estate.

Concerned residents urged the Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, to increase police presence on the estate.