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Nigerians React to Painting of President Buhari Washing the National Flag

I saw this painting somewhere and I liked it. I don't know what impression the artist is trying to create here, but as a layman, I reckon the impression is that of a man trying to clean up a national mess by washing the symbol of our sovereignty - our green and white flag. However, with the state of the nation, I do not think this impression is valid anymore or can fly with a majority of us. Our supposedly sordid image has been further soiled through poor thinking, crass nepotism and evident lack of capacity. Even more disturbing is that the hope of a rebound seems more forlorn than plausible. I wish I knew the owner of this beautiful piece of art work. He deserves a credit by way of mention. I just picked it somewhere. Nice job but I dare say that the magic in the personality myth is no longer effective...It is fast vanishing!

This was written by Olaleye Olawale of This Day. Did he speak your mind?