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Ibrahim Magu, Acting Executive Chairman, EFCC

MAGU, DSS, SENATE & BUHARI by Chris Adetayo

It's hard to know what to make of the macabre drama in our polity today. The President nominates a man for a job and seeks the Senate's approval. The Senate declines citing a DSS report on the subject. But we all know that the President would not normally move forward with an appointment without a clearance by the DSS. 

So did the DSS issue a different report to the Senate from the one it issued to the President? Or did the President not bother with seeking the DSS' clearance for the subject? 

Even if the latter is the case, would it not be appropriate for the DSS to pass on its "not suitable for the post" report to the President so he can withdraw the nomination before sending same to the Senate? So many questions.

What is quite clear though is that the narrative of this government is being largely written outside of the Presidency. It's a major indictment on Buhari. In essence, he's President but he's neither ruling nor leading. 

Nigerians didn't intentionally vote for a ceremonial President but seem to have saddled themselves with one. Let's hope he can read the tea leaves and course-correct. Otherwise, we are increasingly doomed.