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Trump's Victory: Watch my WOLEXIT; Professor Soyinka Says

A week before the United State presidential elections, Professor Wole Soyinka having perceived a possible victory for Republican candidate Donald Trump, threatened to thrash his green card.

Trump was yesterday declared American President-elect having won former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to be the 45th American President.

Professor Soyinka was asked if he still intended to stand by his words? He said: Come January 20, 2017; watch my WOLEXIT, Punch reports.

According to the reports, By WOLEXIT, he seemed to be referring to his final ‘exit’ from the US, playing on Brexit, the expression referring to Britain’s historical exit from the European Union.

Although he said he was not too surprised that Trump won, he noted that his victory had brought an already teetering world closer to the precipice.

He said, “The possibility (of Trump’s victory) was looming nearer and nearer, getting scarier and scarier.

“As the election day approached, the specter became near palpable. I refused to switch on the television this morning until I had stiffened myself with a strong espresso. I felt disaster in my marrow.

“Trump’s wall is already under construction. Walls are built in the mind, and Trump has erected walls, not only across the mental landscape of America but across the global landscape. “I am glad you referred to the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – that was one anniversary in reversal!”