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Simply Amazing: New Social Media/Music Messenger Launches

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A few months ago there were rumours of a certain startup, launching a social media/music messenger called sharebunk. Now, sharebunk has released a Beta for testing to study what people think of this idea and evaluate the application. Sharebunk came up with the idea of how music lovers could enjoy music and still communicate with one another within a social community, hence the invention of a social network that streams music and allows communication. This sharebunk’s BETA version, is endorsed for a limited number of users for the team's testing purpose, prior to the official release. This version is upgradable and you will be notified once the full version is available, if you sign up.

Sharebunk app is a FREE Social networking and music streaming hub. It connects people, to spark up relationships, dates, discussions, friendship and so on while they stay entertained by streaming/downloading latest music and videos. It also let's them discover underground artists in their neighbourhood.

Sharebunk, got its name from the idea that friends online can live like room mates in hostels and do regular stuffs, like share a common Stereo player, pictures, videos, chat, hangout, phone number and so on. The word “Bunk” is relative in meaning- it means different things to different people- but popularly refers to a shelter, an enclosure or a home these days.

However, besides connecting music lovers, sharebunk app is designed to promote emerging artists from around the world for your discovery and listening pleasure. Listeners may give feedback to artists by dropping a comment and rating their music (to be available in full version). Artists who wish to submit their songs can contact sharebunk via mail.

Sharebunk app- BETA features;

1) Social networking: A timeline for picture and video sharing, connects every user and let's people make new friends by the click of a button, however users' privacy is secured. Users can check-in their locations and also see friends who checked-in, near by. 

2) Music stream/download channels: Stream music from several music channels at Mp3 quality and minimal data usage. To discover new music, click on 'underground hitz' channel on the Music page. Download music and leave a comment, comments reflect on Timeline thread. 

3) Watch/Download Music videos: Exciting music videos are updated by third party websites and youtube channels within the app for your entertainment always. Discover videos from new artists on 'L.A.F underground' channel. 

4.) And so much more: Yup, you get updates, music lyrics, Dj mix and so much more. Get Sharebunk today and rock it! 

Sharebunk BETA is available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Get the app today from google play store or app store, use the links below.