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Detailed Account of What Transpired B/W Fayose, Femi Fani Kayode's Wife and EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Monday kept Mrs. Precious Fani-Kayode, who is the spouse of a previous Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, in Ado Ekiti for a considerable length of time, the Punch has reported. 

Precious, who was a visitor of Governor Ayodele Fayose, had gone to a branch of Access Bank in Ado Ekiti around 3pm when she was kept by authorities of the bank. 

Detecting that she was not being expeditiously taken care of, she asked from authorities what the issue was and was told she was being kept on the guidelines of the EFCC. 

The victim, who had her eight-month-old child with her at the time, was prevented from leaving the banking hall.

It took the intercession of Fayose, who drove scores of supporters to the bank around 7pm to secure her discharge. 

Speaking with Punch reporter after the episode, Mrs. Fani-Kayode bemoaned that she was maltreated by the authorities while her infant was denied proper attention. 

She expressed,

 "I'm not a legislator and that account had not been active for about five years. I just reactivate it a month ago in Port Harcourt. 

"I chose to go to Access Bank to make a few withdrawals when I was detained on the orders of the  EFCC. 

"They let me know a ban  had been placed on the account and they were told to capture me on the spot. 

"I have been managing the account since 2005 when I was in the tertiary institution. They had before placed a restriction order on two of my bank accounts which they have not opened till today and I have been sitting tight for them to officially invite me for questioning, however up till today, they have not. 

"The money in the account is just N200,000 and I don't comprehend what their interest is. I'm a private individual. I have not got any political grant; all in all, why are they attempting to starve my family? 

"That money is not in anyway related to government money. This is dehumanizing. I needed to call the governor of the state to inform him of what was happening.

Denouncing the activity of the EFCC and behavior of the bank authorities, Fayose cautioned them against getting to be uncivilized and careless against Nigerians. 

He told the commission to get ready for resistance in the event that it didn't quit "oppressing" him and his companions. 

Fayose included, 

"They can't attempt that nonsense in my state. In the event that they attempt it, there will be a confrontation. They are over-stepping their limit. This is a nation that works with a constitution. What sort of attack is this, taking the privileges of Nigerians because you are trying to get information? 

"Must they threaten individuals who belong to different political party? I have requested an apology from the bank. In the event that it neglects to do that, I'm done with them. This is lawlesssness." 

In a phone chat with journalist, Femi Fani-Kayode, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, asked FG to allow his relatives live peacefully and confront him. 

Fani-Kayode expressed, 

"This administration is weak as is the EFCC. If you have an issue with me, confront me and allow my family to sit undisturbed. 

"My wife went to Ado Ekiti to see my companion and sibling, Governor Fayose, and his family. They were on their away back when they went to Access Bank in Ado Ekiti to get some cash. 

"They were wrongfully confined, brutalized and put in custody on the requests of the EFCC at a bank in Ado Ekiti today. 

"She has never had any business with me; she has never been formally invited by the EFCC for questioning'' 

"In the event that Buhari wants to deal with me, why doesn't he confront me like a man as opposed to attempting to damage and hurt my eight-month-old child and spouse. 

"Had it not been for the intercession of Governor Ayo Fayose, they would have taken them away and subjected them to all way of mischief and insult basically in light of the fact that she is linked to me. 

"This is Buhari's Nigeria and we will oppose his evil and oppression." 

Fani-Kayode said he planned to sue the bank and the EFCC for this "illicit and evil activity." 

He included, "They have no right to do such. In the event that they need to see my wife, they should simply send an invitation to her. We don't have anything to fear. They should not be so primitive to citizens. 

"While trying to starve me and my family, restriction has been placed on  every one of my accounts and that of my spouse. 

"Presently, they have resort to capturing individuals' spouses for no noble reasons." 

In its response, the EFCC denied keeping Fani-Kayode's spouse and child. 

In an announcement by the commission's representative, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, on Monday night, he said the ex-minister's wife tried to take money  from an account which had been frozen. 

 "In opposition to the story flying around about the capture of mother and kid, a specific Chikwendu Sonia today made an attempt to pull cash from an Access Bank account that had been set on 'Post No Debit' Category, after illegal inflow of cash into the account. 

"She was blocked by the bank while the commission was informed, but since it was late, the EFCC exhorted that the suspect be taken to the police office and be released on bail. 

"They were organizing to take the suspect to the police station when Governor Ayo Fayose storm the bank with hooligans and his own security and strongly secured the release of the suspect, with statement that the EFCC had no right to detain anyone in his state. He additionally pledged to shut down the branch of the bank. 

"The said account, which had just N2,307,712.82, was blocked after looking into the PDP Joint Trust Fund when the commission find out N1.1bn was paid to the Zenith Bank account of Fani-Kayode. 

"It was found that the account had two biometric distinguishing proof numbers, one for Fani-Kayode and the other (with BVN 2205597283) for Sonia Chikwendu. Similar BVN is connected to two different accounts in Diamond Bank and 15 accounts in Guaranty Trust Bank."