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Aisha Buhari Accuses President Buhari of Failure to Deliver Campaign Promises

Aisha Buhari

Mrs. Aisha Buhari wife of the Nigerian President has said that she may not support her better half for 2019 presidential race if he fails to shakeup his administration. The mild-mannered Aisha Buhari in a chat with BBC Hausa in Kano said that Buhari's administration has been taken over by some political figure who dictates to him how appointments should be made, Vanguard reports.

Mrs Buhari revealed that if things did not change up to 2019, she won't go out and campaign again and request that the female folks vote for him as she did some time recently. I will never do it again she said. 

Aisha Buhari who talked against the background of statement credited to the president at his inaugural ceremony  stressed that "I may not back him at the 2019 presidential race unless he shakes up his administration. 

She said that a large portion of the authorities of the administration are not known to the President and the primary family, including that they are gold diggers who did nothing to help All Progressive Congress battle in 2015. Requested that she name the individuals who had captured the administration of her husband,  she grinned and proclaimed that "you will know them if you watch TV." 

Mrs Aisha Buhari says "the President does not know 45 out of 50 political appointees he named and I don't have any acquaintance with them either regardless of being his wife for 27 years." 

She uncovered "a few people are taking a seat at their homes and deciding who call the shot in Buhari's government. Mrs Buhari asserted that "some of them don't have voters card, and the individuals who made efforts to ensure he won the 2015 elections have been lessened to nothing and absolutely not content with the way things are going '. 

Vanguard learnt that the full content of the meeting would be disclosed on Saturday morning on BBC Hausa magazine program "Gane mun Hanya".