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Nigerians React to the Teaser: Do You Want Goodluck Jonathan Back

No doubt Nigeria has been plunged into recession and the economic hardship citizens are facing now could be as a result of mismanagement of past government or lack of understanding of the polity by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Amidst this, posted a teaser on the social media asking Nigeria if they wanted Goodluck Jonathan back. See some of the responses elicited below:

Austin Ukpoko The question is very pathetic,even a layman on the street will answer YES.of a truth,do Nigerian have president now?Even dead Abacha is more far better than millions of living Buhari.what unfortunate we fine ourselves in hands of these principalities called rulers of Nigeria today.

Nathan Osita Samuel Goodluck Jonathans administration was a mistake,, God punish him and all the previous governors, ministers, senators and even Men of god or Imams that partook in the squandering, embezzeling, sharing and looting of our National treasury and reserves, And may he also punish any igboman, hausaman or Yorubaman who out of sentiments, tribalism or religion supports the perpetuators of these treacherous act that has subdued this nation into the present hard and harsh economic situation......Can i hear Amen!!!

Stephanie Benjamin The answer is no,my president buhari is a gud man,he's fighting 4 the betterness of nigeria. He has gud intentions things may b hard 4 d nw,but i believe soon i mean very soon things wil be better 4 gud.

Luwaji Joseph Ademola We don't need black president anymore, white man is far better dan u all, our black still handle us all as slave, f***k u, f***k buhari, f***k u all. we are still waiting 4 God sent, Good country but bad leaders always. soon be Over by God's Grace.

Kingsley Nwaeze With your Otuoke no no....drink your kaikai and allow us recover all the stolen money you shared your cronies. You can never come back again.God forbid.

Ozor Hillary EVEN THE BIBLE WARNED US ABOUT APC (ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS), BUT WE OBVIOUSLY DON'T READ OUR BIBLE . Open to PROVERBS 24 vs 21 and 22. 21. My Son, fear the LORD, and fear the king as well, don't associate with those that say "CHANGE" 22. for their calamity comes Quickly..... And the Disaster they both may bring

Plenty Mouth see he gbomogbomo face,for which country,..we dey find am here for niger delta,..e nor do anything sef for niger delta..madman wey we mistakenly put with our eyes,na God remove am...anyhow Buhari rule make he rule,.cos i nor dey wake hear say billions lost again say big breeze carry disappear.

Azeez Edo-Omozuwa Instead of some Nigerians to want a better president than Jonathan, they choose to say Yes. After all his administration has done to plunder us dry, you want him to come back to plunder some more. Some Nigerians are daft! Recently his wife was found to have $15million, she claims it's for her medical bills ALONE! That's in tune of around 5billion naira for medical bills. Na wa o! And you want him back a bi. We are not ready to move foward.

Michael O Agbedeme It is believed,as confirmed by the comments we read here,that Nigerians are truly ignorant of so many things.Never has this country been this hard for Nigerians before,yet some ignorant individuals still tread the path of ignorance.Hmm!Today,one dollar is equal to #436 at the parallel market,but this doesn't seem to bother some ignorant people.Hmm!

Folaranmi Habeeb Adedoyin only full people will say yes,people that are truely honesty people will say No,tell me ur impact since this year same story.shame to dishonesty PDP wait and see 9ja will soon be great under APC

Akintunde Rofiat Omowumi The answer is NO. but then let reason together Why should Jonathan come back? shld he come back and destroy everything totally? or To empower BOKOHARAM as before?

Peter Ijegbulem On one condition! That u will gather all the past presidents especially OBJ and IBB to all the previous Ministers , Governors and all other politicians b4 ,during and present administration and feed them to the wild animals. U can spare Buhari b'cos flesh nor kuku dey him body (tinko). Ebele, that way,u can come bk. You hear????? No more Devil fatherooooo (lol ).

Ayorinde Igunnu Never sir. You plunged ds country into its present problems. You had no plans for this nation. Sorry sir, just had to speak my mind.

Osirike Ifeanyi Well as for me I don't care who is in power..all I know is dat as far as I keep working hard n putting God first things won't b hard for me..if am poor today I blame myself cos those that r making it even in dis harsh economy don't have two head..#prayandworkhard pls I just said my mind..if u insult me no problem.#peace#mayGodblessnigeria

Honourable Aggi Olalekan Only an educated,unsentimental,wise and patrotic Nigerian will knw that dis voodoo we ar facing is nt d fault of mr president,the barbaric governance of GEJ and co is d real reason we ar going tru dis temporal calamity......... Oh! U want GEJ bak to come wit d thief he called wife to steal our money again abi.... No way..... See him face like monkey wey dey Ibadan zoo

Omolola Odusanya What toofiapa,A foolish man will say yes to jonathan,so aftar bringing surbseading to our country,even buhari is still manageble dan u,dont dear say u want to come back with dat ur urgly face like monkey

Prince Ramon Ohilebo Noooo, I cursed the day you were made the president of this country and also your arrogant and highly Corrupt wife. Posterity will judge you and your future generations. May pain be your wife and others like her potion all throughout their lifetime

Ogunnaike David Rodrigo When he came to power then, he said "i had no shoes"... I think that's a link to what he did with the treasury. He simply bought shoes with the lot. So abeg before Buhari assumed power, what did he say he lacked?... make we kuku know if treasury go dey empty again!
See all of them commenting and taking it serious.... Sorry, the president won't even read your comments here! He'll be very busy checking the cartoon columns on newspapers!

Margaret Oris Oliwe The present one is yet to deliver doesn't mean I should vote you in again.... because the next time you get on the throne again,,am sure u will be in just for revenge like PMB IS currently doing.

Elohor Ogboriavwien yes come back,u are far more better than DAT wicked buhari.when u were on sit fuel was sold for #97 but now our useless buhari has increase it to #143.pls come back we miss u.

Dagunro Messicoded Mr GEJ kudos t u jare.You try ur best but Man propose but God dispose.My candid advice is u shud pls rest and don't bother to be President cos u have done enough.We don't need democracy in Nigeria instead we need military President. Na Soldier fit handle naija. Gbamss

Winstar-boy Ayomide Adeleke am very sure that it has never occoured to many people that the time keeps moving extremely at the high speed, you'll suddenly discovered that the time will be gone by the time Bro Buhari will complete his tenur, and things would still remain the same or go worse. my people lets wake-up, all this rulers are birds of the same feather, they all operate in one circle, no matter what the situation Nigeria may find her self now it will always please them because the money is with them but we're the one sufferring for it, forget about what Buhari says and all what he's been telling us, let come to our senses..... Buhari and Jonathan are not enemy, they both make huge money from the country every blessed day and not only them, they are rulers channelsm Money Lutter Wf Tush Doll WF Mzztar OlushwealthBi Ola Ayegbusi Samuel Ayegbusi Gabriel Adeniyi Ayoola Mukaila Adebimpe Sefiat Adejoke

Elbofar Tiva Yes wallahi, daddy let me use this medium to report buhari, he cheated us,he's a bloody liar,he's making life miserable for our country, he doesn't love us but him self, he has embezzled our money, blocked all our allowances and cutting our salary, in fact, we don't hv hope for salary till we see it, we don't hv money to buy food, things are extra expensive, daddy go and take the seat back, I love you, I miss you.... You are the best....😘😘😘😘😘😘

Agbaje Luqman Opeyemi Goldenson I always feel sad wen I see Nigerian youth saying all sort of rubbish online instead of standing up to make d country great, isn't it a shame on us dat a 73yrs old man is our president? We did nt see dat as a big deal, if Nigeria is goin to be great again it lies in our hand as YOUTH, and we can not achieve dat untill we unite ourself and take away the Ethnics and religious sentiment that has been planted in our heart. God Bless Nigeria