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Update: Despite Nigerians Efforts To Save Mayowa, She Gave Up

Save Mayowa

If the tweet above is anything to go by, Mayowa Ahmed, the lady who was allegedly diagnosed of  ovarian cancer may have passed on despite efforts of well meaning Nigerians who contributed immensely to ensure that she survives.

She was a graduate of University of Lagos and an HB SS patient incidentally diagnosed with bilateral Ovarian Mass Carcinoma .

Being down with life-threatening cancer is traumatic enough. But sapped by a needless but excruciating controversy was the limit.

Yet, that appears the fate of Ms Mayowa Ahmed, 29, the Nigerian woman reportedly down with ovarian cancer. Her story was initially the golden testimony to the Nigerian heart of gold, even with a daunting economy and mass privation. Within 48 hours, using the instrumentality of the social media, Nigerians rallied to raise US $100, 000 (about N64 million) in aid of her treatment abroad.

But the story soon changed — from the noble to the beastly. The Save Mayowa Fund, which had earned applause all round, became the subject of grave suspicion, bordering on execrable crime. Mayowa’s family were alleged, by a popular blogger, to have scammed the innocent donors. The story — horror of horrors! — suggested the Mayowa kindred, having allegedly realised the seeming hopelessness of her case, decided to cash out on the donations. That very thought, of such an unconscionable conduct, to a close kith-and-kin, sent not a few howling mad.

But in yet another sharp turn of events, the Mayowa Ahmed family just responded, distancing themselves from such an evil scheme, and insisting that Mayowa was indeed Abu Dhabi-bound for treatment. The family poured cold water on the blog’s suggestion that because the patient’s ovarian cancer had reportedly reached stage four, it was beyond redemption.