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Bode George and Jimi Agbaje Battle for the soul of PDP

Former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP Chief Bode George and his godson Mr Jimi Agbaje, the Governorship Aspirant of the party in 2015 general elections have both picked up nomination forms to battle to save the soul of the PDP.
The National Chairmanship position of the party has been zone to the South west and as it stands now, the erstwhile Deputy National Chairman and the former Governorship Aspirant are the leading contenders in the race for the position. Both candidates have vowed not to suspend their ambitions.

George’s spokesman, Mr. Uthman Shodipe, who spoke on behalf of his principal, said during an interview with Punch correspondent on Wednesday said that there was no way George who helped build the party would step down for a newcomer.

In the interview, he said, “Please discard the rumours that Chief George decided to step down for Agbaje. He will never do that. He has been in this party from inception and helped to build it to where it is today. So, why will he step down now that he has the opportunity to lead the party?

“Why should he step down for a newcomer? Can a landlord step down for a tenant? Where was Agbaje when Chief George was building the party for 16 years?”

Similarly, a spokesman for Agbaje, Mr. Felix Oboagwina, told our correspondent that Agbaje would never suspend his ambition, having purchased a nomination form.

He also dispelled rumours that Agbaje was being sponsored by candidates from outside the South-West.

He said, “Disregard the rumour that JK (Agbaje) will be suspending his ambition. He has already purchased the party’s form so, there is no going back. He is a popular candidate that enjoys support within and outside the South-West.”