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Shocking: GTB Dirty Dealings With Its Workforce Unveiled

A Contract Staff of Guaranty Trust Bank Contact Center who have decided to remain anonymous has accused the management of the bank of introducing modern slavery to its workforce. A chat with another staff of the bank also confirm same.

Here is what he said:

The Guaranty trust bank Contact Center is not without it challenges in terms of working condition and the remuneration from inception just like every other organisation where contract staff make up the bulk on their work force. And who can blame these business owners since the country’s leadership, both the executive and the legislative arm do not care about her citizens hence business owners exploit the situation, pay you peanut while they ride you like slaves. The shameless leaders even parade statistics of inhuman jobs endured by countless Nigerians who helplessly hope someone would care enough to speak for them one day.

But when those managing the Guaranty Trust bank contact center (Bolaji Lawal(Group head) Ajibike Ijoma (Manager) and Omolade Abogunrin (Assistant Manager) and their foot soldiers) think its their right to treat family men and women who had humbled themselves in the face of economic reality with such impunity, then someone needs to stop them. The introduction of the Indians into GTB management system had made me realise the definition of slavery Mentality. Yes, they are taking advantage of the current economic crisis to turn the contract staffs into glorified maids in ties and gown who you chained with rules, but please, trample on us with respect. It is all we ask for, give us the respect we deserve as human, even house maids deserve a level of respect.

You changed our working condition four times within the last 12 month without notice and we have not complained.

Our office space was relocated from Opebi to Lekki and promised us a staff bus. You provided four 14 sitter bus to cater for over 200 staffs at the time and withdraw two buses claiming the drivers resign. Leaving over 240 people to fight for a sit in two 14 sitter bus and Ajibike do not fail to remind us everyday that the bus is a privilege which can be withdrawn at any time. We never complained.

You made us work nine and half hours shift for a standard 6 hours shift job and made to close at 8:30pm even though we are under paid and we still have to struggle to get a bus to our various destinations which become increasingly difficult at night along the lekki epe axis, yet we did not complain.

We are made to work extra one hour if we are 10minutes late and have pre-informed our supervisor, And if we are unable to reach our supervisor to pre-informed them of running late, we are handed extra two hours extra even if we are only 10min late. Hence people run to the office In the rain, drenched from head to toe and would still have to endure the effect of the air condition on their wet body. Meanwhile yourself and your team leads (Gtbank staffs) could come to work later and be welcomed with smiles even though you have your private vehicle.

You control our health in spite of the inhumane working condition you have subjected us to. We can only call in sick for a single day without a doctor’s report if not you will pay back your sick days, get a memo (query) and have your salary deducted. You are asking people without Health Insurance from their employers to present a Doctors report for every form of sickness. Goddess Ajibike sent a committed and highly skilled agent packing for being ill even though she produced her doctor’s report? She claims she (the Agent) falls ill too often, I remember we are simply contingency staff and we could be disposed of faster than lawma pick up your trash.

You make us the scapegoat for the slaughter for any customer rated issue for which we have no fault, we even condone the act. ‎You introduce several unfriendly policies on customers, they got angry and bombard us with calls, we try our best to calm them down, call traffic will automatically get high due to insufficient agents, and at the end of the day we get extra hour as punishment for call drop due to high call traffic. This is the height of injustic.

We are made to work for 9hours 30 minutes on every festive period, Christmas, New Year and all public holiday without any form of reduce hours, make up time off or remuneration but these you do for your own staffs (GT staff). And to make matters worse she woke up one morning and introduced an irregular shift pattern which is harmful, manipulative and wicked, without any recourse for the health implication of such. To further aggravate the already bad situation, work schedule for a new week is released between Friday evening and Sunday of the concluding week, making it impossible to plan your schedule. Secondly we only have two irregular days off each week, without public holiday and festive rights so why reduce our 48hours of rest to approximately 30hours.

Could anyone imagine that almighty GTB contactcenter only give 3 bottles of dispenser water per day for over 200 agents. Knowing fully well that our job is about talking and talking. And am very sure none of us is bathing with the water.

The latest of these barbaric acts is Ajibike dishing out extra 30mins and 40mins respectively to the entire inbound agent at will for no just cause, other than the fact that no one could challenge her or stop her. She claims she does it because we have drop calls but that is a lie. The first few times she did, we receive statistical data from the external consultant at the contactcenter showing call data. The reports show that over 100% of projected call inflow was picked while drop calls were from the excess call above call traffic projection. she makes us work extra hour to clean up her mess which she created by under projecting the call traffic.

We at the contactcenter are not asking for too much all we are saying is TREAT US WITH RESPECT. You are not better than us, you are only privileged. And all your brag that you could never need any of us outside the contactcenter is not true, do you know how I know this? Because you are not God, you are just human, nothing more.

This contact agents handles the customers most sensitive information, we have access to every vital details of customers, over the years we have proven our loyalty and honesty. Treating us like a slave is like exposing your customers fund to a very high risk. Sir Segun Agbaje (CEO) needs to act fast before it become a story that touch.

I miss two people in GTBank, late Tayo the former CEO and Uwem the former contactcenter manager. Please do not destroy their legacy

Best regard.
Concern GTB contract slave(staff)


  1. This is barbaric. Who is this slave master? What is GTBank’s policy against infringement on human rights? NLC need to picket that call centre and shot it down until the investigation are conducted.

  2. True. Where's NLC pls? We won't see them now..

  3. This is sososo true

  4. Concerned citizen9/04/2016 6:53 pm

    This needs to be checked by NLC if it's true, the culprits mentioned in charge of the contact center needs to be sanctioned by the banks board. Only if it's true that the so called bolaji is mr agbaje's gay partner


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