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See The Touching Prayer a Nigerian Left For President Buhari

When President 'Yar adua was proceeding abroad for what became his death sickness, there was no written declaration from him, no handing over and the Nation was deliberately kept in the dark about his condition. Even when investigative journalists started digging and feeding us with the information, his aides and FAMILY shamelessly tried to ride a camel furtively. The rest is now history.

When Danbaba Suntai got involved in a plane crash which caused him serious injuries and damaged his brain, his aides and Family again tried to cover it up. They even tried to stage-manage a media interview which utterly failed. On the country, the stage-managed interview confirmed to the world the true situation of things. They tried to hide their pregnancy in vain. The rest has become history.

Even when Goodluck Jonathan goes abroad, he never used to transfer powers to his vice Nmadi Sambo.

Today, President Muhammadu Buhari is in the UK to treat his ear infection. 'Mere' ear infection. But before he went, he announced his condition, his mission, his destination and the length of his intended vacation. He formally handed over and was covered by the media at the point of his departure. PMB is a RARE GEM. He is as honest as he is dedicated. He may not get everything right. He MAKES MISTAKES in my judgment. Yet, I think the man is putting in his very best. I commend him for his bluntness on this issue. I wish him quick and permanent recovery.

O'Allah! We need this servant of Yours more than ever before. He is trying hard to clean the mess of our former RULERS. We cannot afford to lose him now. Heal him with Your Divine healing power. Inject in him renewed agility and exuberance as though he is 40 years of age. Crown his little but sincere efforts with resounding success. You are Mighty and All-Powerful over everything.

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Audu Bulama Bukarti 


  1. May Allah give him speedy shifah and return him home safely and alert. Amin.


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