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Keshi and Amodu's Death Cant Be Coincidence - UduakOmiri

This cant be a coincidence. Kai. Someone has gone to work. Someone desperately wants Keshi and Amodu out of the way both of whom are unarguably Nigeria's most decorated coaches to date. I think Keshi, and Amodu's family should conduct not just an autopsy on the duo but must insist on FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY tests.

If we have a functioning police force, these deaths would now be treated as suspicious. Two prominent Nigerian coaches both of whom are less than 60, and who have reasonable access to excellent medical treatment, both die within days of each other with the cause of death appearing to be a heart-attack related.

When a coincidence becomes a pattern then it is unlikely to be one! High level, professionally administered noxious substance possibly stays within ones system for days at times weeks and then slowly degrades vital organs especially the heart causing the individual to have a cardiac arrest, or even a stroke.

If we have half a decent police force, these deaths would be treated as both unexplained, and suspicious. Amodu's death would have triggered a discreet police investigation.

The focus of the police inquiry should be to check whether both Keshi and Amodu attended series of meetings in recent days, weeks, months, and then try to determine who were in these meetings. The police can then build a spider graph of the people Keshi and Amodu have been in contact with either separately, or at the same time, determine what the subject matter of these meetings were, whether these meetings were formal or informal makes no difference, the important thing is to find any clues that could explain whether the deaths were a homicide or occurred naturally.

To determine whether these two great coaches have been liquidated, or silenced by someone, the police would need establish an 'interest map' 'interested parties' who might have cause to do these gentlemen harm. These interested parties ought not to be restricted to local groups or individuals. For instance, what if a foreign coach wants the Super Eagles job but then realizes that Keshi and Amodu, so long as they remain intact, his job would be 'constantly' under threat. Or what if a foreign government, whether African or any other nation, or even a multinational organization feels that these two coaches 'remain a permanent threat' to their national and business interests in football included in Nigeria?

There is also the more plausible angle of a possible probe into the NFF. We all remember the last time the finances of the football house was about to be investigated, the night before investigators attended the premises, a mysterious fire engulfed the football house and the police weeks later traced the source of the fire to the NFF accountants office! It is possible that there s a turf war in the NFF, Giwa vs Amaju, it is also possible Keshi and Amodu might have chosen to support the wrong side, or were seen to support the wrong side.

It is more likely that perhaps Keshi and Amodu were going to b used as key witnesses in a probe of the NFF or even the sports ministry. All the angles explored above are only 'possibilities, suspicions, unexplained', and as such are not necessarily true or false until proven otherwise. At least the police and the Nigerian authorities owe these two Nigerian coaches, their family, fans and Nigerians an explanation of how these two coaches died within a few days.

Many coaches in other parts of the world live into their 70 and 90s. Westerholf and Bonfere more than 60 years old. Many current European and African coaches are between 55 and 70. Many of these coaches retire and go on to live for another 15 to 25 years. Even our former coaches, Onigbinde, Chukwu, Okpala etc are still alive. Keshi and Amodu, we want to know what really happened! (Culled from Sumner Shagari Sambo of TVC)

Two Nigerian Ex-Super Eagles coaches die within days in the same state, same town & of similar complications. Hmmm! Do you smell a rat?