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NO PANIC: Officially, petrol is still same old N86.50 per litre

The offiial pump price remains #86.50 per liter at the NNPC Mega Stations and other Major Marketers' outlets like Oando, Forte Oil, Total and the likes.

However, in consideration of their complaints, Independent Marketers are now at liberty to source for forex and sell at whatever price they so wish, not exceeding #145 per liter.

More so, anyone caught diverting or hoarding the product, will be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

One of our major problems as Nigerians is that we mostly draw our conclusions from the headlines, which are normally doctored to attract attention and because we are not keen on reading the details, we end up ridiculing ourselves at the end.

As it is now, some independent marketers sell above #150 per litre and Nigerians still buy. But with this policy, in no distant future, PMS will be so available that the independent marketers will be struggling to cope with the challenges of having to compete with the NNPC mega stations and other major outlets like Total, Mobil, Conoil which sell at the same #86.50.

If you can afford #145 per litre go ahead and patronise independent marketers. Otherwise go and queue at the major dealers.