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Why I parted ways with Olamide – Lil Kesh......P.M News

For about a week, the news surrounding the business relationship between rap star, Olamide and his protégé, Ololade Keshinro, better known as Lil Kesh as been making the rounds.

While some reports suggest there’s a frosty relationship between Lil Kesh and the YBNL Nation, forcing his immediate departure from the label to float his own, YAGI Records, others say it’s a case of a protégé becoming his own king.

But the act at the centre of the issue, Lil Kesh has come out to clear the air stating that there’s no issue at all but a matter of contract expiration between him and his former record label.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Lil Kesh explained his departure from YBNL via a post on his Instagram page.

His words: “Ok, so it’s true that my contract ended about two weeks ago like we all know my contract with YBNL was for two years but that’s the business side to it. And did I state that my contract included 3 videos for me and one album?

“But Baddo went out of his way to shoot about five videos for me. Business or no business YBNL is family and will always be till I go 6ft under the ground. YAGI records is real with the support of my big bro Olamide, YBNL, remains my management for life, YBNL doesn’t just produce successful artists, it produces artists that help produce other successful artists. That’s the dream Baddo shared with me about a year ago.”

Lil Kesh’s clarification was coming on the heels of Olamide’s similar post on Tuesday morning on Instagram. The YBNL boss confirmed that Lil Kesh had a two-year contract with his label which expired weeks ago.

“Good day guys, sorry we didn’t put guys in the loop…Maybe cause we see no point in bringing it up cause family is family, business or no business,” Olamide stated.

He added; “I signed a two-year deal with Lil Kesh and Viktoh. It ended weeks ago. But the bond is 007 leave it (James bond level). Don’t touch it. Kesh got his own record label now YAGI but still works with YBNL Management. Viktoh is still under YBNL Management too…So worry not. The world is ours for the taking…YBNL FamilyForEver.”

Confirming Olamide and Lil Kesh’s Instagram posts, Alex Okeke, Olamide’s manager, in a telephone chat with our correspondent, said what the two artistes wrote on their social media pages are the true reflection of situation of things.

“Contrary to some mischief makers, there is no problem among the YBNL Nation family. Both Lil Kesh and Olamide have expressed the proper interpretation of what happened via their social media pages. There is no parable or any fuss. They are straight from the horses’ mouth,” Okeke told TheNEWS/PMNEWS.

He added, “Quote me, there is no issue at all between Olamide and Lil Kesh. There is no need lying about it, if there are issue and we lie, people will surely get to know about the truth. But trust me, there is no issue at all. We are all family,”

Since this YBNL saga surfaced online, many have expressed shock given the bond between Olamide and Lil Kesh.

As a boss, Olamide has had to watch Lil Kesh’s back many a time and even caused some rows at awards shows having felt his act was not adequately recognized.

In January this year, Olamide mounted the stage at The Headies 2015 Awards Night to criticise the organisers for not giving the Rookie of the Year award to Lil Kesh.

Lil Kesh, born and raised in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos State, joined YBNL Nation in April 2014 after his introduction by Viktoh to Olamide. The 21-year old rapper/songwriter rose to fame after his chart-topping song titled “Shoki” rose to critical acclaim from music critics.

He followed it with other successive hits gaining mass acceptance.

As Olamide’s protégé, reports have it that Lil Kesh has become financially buoyant enough to fund his projects and music videos.

Lil Kesh has also moved from his Lagos mainland base to a posh apartment in the upscale Lekki neighbourhood. The apartment is said to be equipped with an in-house studio all acquired within the space of Kesh’s YBNL’s contract.

In March 2016, he officially released his debut album under the YAGI imprint.