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The last 8 teams for UEFA Champions League Quarter Final

Bayern München pulled an astonish 4-2 win (6-4 aggregate) over Juventus to qualify for last 8 teams in the Uefa Champions League. There is no need talking about the Arsenal match as we already knew the scores of the game before it was played. Anyways, If you care to know, Barca won 3-1 beating Arsenal home and away (5-1) on aggregate. Watch Juventus VS Bayern Highlights Here

Eight clubs from five countries will now feature in the draw for the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals which will be done on Friday.

Qualified: Atlético Madrid, Bayern München, Barcelona, Benfica, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Wolfsburg.

Spain: Barcelona. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid
Germany: Bayern Munchen, Wolfsburg
England: Manchester City
Portugal: Benfica
France: Paris Saint Germain

Spain has the highest representation. Lets wait till Friday to see who is meeting who.