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POLL: President Buhari's popularity drops for the first time since assuming power

As economic crisis bits harder, and level of insecurity on the increase with all focus on the fight against corruption, most people who voted president Muhammadu Buhari can no longer defend him in the public space. In fact. most people are beginning to doubt his competence. 

Its is about 8 months now that he assumed office  and no one can pin point one tangible development. Many Nigerians have scored him low on jobs, economy, and power for the first time in months according to Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria (GAIN). 

It’s the first time since December last year that a monthly poll that track the performance of governments at all levels in Nigeria, has recorded a drop in his  rating. Earlier the survey found that majority of Nigerians did not accuse President Buhari of Nigeria’s ongoing economic troubles. They blamed ex-president Goodluck Jonathan instead.

Meanwhile, the trend changed significantly in February as country’s economic crisis bit harder, in a recent poll conducted, it seems Buhari’s “honeymoon” is over.

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