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Re: Olajumoke...Clothier Uche Nnaji writes letter to Nigerian Banks

The man behind Ouch Clothing, Uche Nnaji writes below..

Iam still excited and happy that TyBello allowed God use her to turn around the captivity(circumstance ) of Olajumoke, But I am shocked at the sudden awareness by corporate bodies to jump on the band wagon to bless and celebrate her with all sorts of "Gifts" from Apartments to Endorsements...

As if this act has or will take away all the other MILLIONS of "OLAjumoke's on our streets searching and waiting for their own TYBello. The shocker for me is seeing a Nigerian bank rushing to make Olajumoke a brand ambassador when they would not move an inche to SAVE a dying Nigerian MSME. This action has further shown that most Nigerian Banks seldom grasp their role in growing the economy, Olajumoke is 1 individual, but a business or an idea the Nigerian bank supports /Celebrate can become a new Facebook or Dangote which would create jobs and feed families . but clearly most of these bank won't find a student who invented something and take a gamble of supporting the lad, not to talk of taking risk with established growing businesses all because there is no sensation to it. Dear Nigerian banks when you support Small growing businesses they will create more jobs and get more OLAJUMOKE,s off the streets.

My name is Uche Nnaji and I create JOBs​

Culled from Linda Ikeji