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I never said I had sex with 100 women –Sir Shina Peters

Afro Juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters, reigned supreme in the early 90s but shortly after he travelled abroad, his fame fizzled out. When he returned to the country years later, times had changed but it did not leave him behind.

But unlike some of his contemporaries who became irrelevant in the music scene even after they tried making a comeback, SSP, as he is fondly called, is lucky as he still enjoys a large followership.

In fact, among his contemporaries, he seems to be the one with the highest number of shows and endorsement deals.

However, his name caused a frenzy online when an article surfaced claiming that the veteran musician said that he has had sex with over 100 women.

The article further claimed that the musician said that a lot of women took advantage of his innocence while he was a youth.

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats, the artiste cleared the air stating that he never said such. He went on to shed more light on the incident.

He said, “The price that I have paid for stardom is very high. I have had an unfair share of bad press but they are still my friends because we cannot do without them. My friends and I were sitting down discussing about some young artistes and they were criticising them. I told them not to criticise the young singers because they would outgrow whatever they are doing now. I told them that it was youthful exuberance and that someone like me could relate with it because I had passed through more than what they are facing. I did not even mention anything about women. It is only a mad man that will say that I slept with 100 women. Even if I did, is it something to be proud of? I never made any statement like that. It is okay but it is part of the price you pay for stardom and the matter is between God and the person who wrote the story. All I can say is that may the almighty God forgive the person because I am not the type of man that talks anyhow.

“I hold a high post in my church. Some asked why I did not refute the story immediately and I replied that other journalists would still come and I would explain my own part of the story. That is not even a story. People have published stories that I have been arrested for fraud. Ironically I had a show which was arranged by the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the late Ibru was in attendance. When the man was driving to the venue, he heard the news that I was arrested for fraud but when he got to the hall, he saw me. When he asked me, I explained to him that it was one of those things. It is the same way someone wrote that I was in Kirikiri Prison. How many Shina Peters do we have in this country?”