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DASUKI AND GANG; It sounds like a Nollywood Movie

It is shocking to hear the names of our elders in the arms deal saga. Although many will say they did not know where the money was sourced. Our elders used to say " e ro ju ole emu, omo yin o gba agbafo onko aso wale". Our daddies, Chief Olu Falae and Afenifere always present themselves as symbols of morality yet behind the scene, collected money meant to secure common man. They have the loudest voice to complain about things that are wrong, what an irony. Chief Falae collected N100m and the victims of that immorality simply requested just N3m in the name of kidnapping, baba Falae was available to identify them. Whereas he is one of the few that forced the young men in to kidnapping. Yes, kidnappers must be jailed if found guilty just as Dasuki and his gang must not enjoy amoral freedom.

Meanwhile, all persons and organizations named in this Dasukigate have one person or the other to share except High Chief Dokpesi whose greed surpasses others as he has not named anyone he shared with but keeps organizing hungry youth for phantom honors and happily claimed that Dasukigate is a hoax. Time will tell. That hospital you want to go will be made available for you in the Prison.