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[PHOTOS] Heads row in Southern Ijaw part of Bayelsa

One of the citizen journalists wrote this:
As soldiers makes moves to stop the voting process, says order is from the Minister of Defence ,I don't know why they want to just shed innocent blood over an election that has already been won by the PDP.

PDP supporters are being prevented from voting. The people are resisting and insist on voting,See Human Heads rows in Southern Ijaw: Defence Minister stop PDP supporters from voting for Dickson. Southern Ijaw Reject APC And Sylva In Bayelsa To avoid war And killings. President Buhari and APC has brought Death to Nigeria. See graphic photos after cut....

As at the time of writing this report, INEC yet to start collation of results in Bayelsa. This is as a result of ongoing elections in the Southern Ijaw part of the state. Out of the 8 local governments in the state, only results of 3 local governments are ready. Bayelsa should be the state with the lowest number of LGAs in Nigeria. How come it's taking days to announce results?


  1. How sure you are the pdp won the election..

  2. How sure you are the pdp won the election..

  3. I dint say PDP won election. I was only quoting what a citizen journalist said


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