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DSS officer kills Policeman

Tension is brewing between the policemen and operatives of the Department for State Security (DSS) in Ekiti after two police officers were shot inside the premises of the DSS in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital. One of the policemen is said to have died after being shot.

The two policemen, Sergeant Sylvester Malik and Corporal Mough Tergwu of the Special Protection Unit of the police, were attached to a former Secretary of National Health Insurance Scheme, Femi Thomas.

It was gathered that DSS officials came to Thomas’ house in Ado Ekiti in three Hilux vehicles to invite him to their office for questioning. The Punch said that Thomas followed them in his Toyota Highlander in company of his two police orderlies.

An argument however started inside the premises of the DSS after an official of the secret police said it was not proper for the policemen to have accompanied Thomas to the DSS office armed. The policemen refused to hand over their firearms to the DSS and offered to remain outside, but somehow the argument escalated and the policemen were shot.

One of the sources said, “It was Sylvester that even opened the gate for them. Once they made their intention known, the man (Thomas) agreed to follow them.”

“Nobody knew what transpired afterwards, but suddenly there were sounds of gunshots and soon after, the two policemen were lying in a pool of blood. The policemen did not quarrel with them, so I don’t know what happened. Malik was shot thrice in the stomach. It was a real mess.”

Malik’s body was deposited at the morgue of the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital. Terqwu has been placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit where he is being treated of gunshot wounds. .

The spokesperson for the police in the state, Mr. Alberto Adeyemi, said the command was aware of the incident, adding that investigation was ongoing.

He said, “We have already sent out SITREP to the Force headquarters in Abuja. As soon as we heard, the Deputy Commissioner of Police on ground, and the AC OPS went to the DSS office. They confirmed that two policemen were shot on the premises of the DSS. One died, while the other one is still receiving treatment. We have told the DSS to hand over the officers responsible for the shooting to the police. ”

Source: The Punch