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Selling sex is a win-win for artistes, fans — Karina

Katherine Kpina, a.k.a Karina, is an up and coming musician who doesn’t shy away from the fact that she has plenty of sex appeals. She’s beautiful, sexy and talented. Born in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, the light-skinned Afro pop singer could differentiate between many music genres before she was four years. In this interview, the sensational singer reveals her inner self and share her views on a number of issues.

What actually prepared you for what you are doing today?
Music has always been an integral part of me. I have been able to differentiate notes before I was four years old. I can recall an incident when I harmonized a song as a child in the choir and my choir master criticized the adults for not being able to do so.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in music?
I decided to pursue a career in music because it’s inborn in me. I enjoy singing. I don’t feel stressed doing it because I am passionately in love with with music.

What are the challenges of being an up and coming singer?
There are lots of challenges. We hardly have funds to push our music. If you are not smart, you can get duped by fake promoters. Another issue is that people want to sleep with you before they produce your song or put you on a show. Some A-list artistes even ask you to pay in cash or in kind before they feature in your songs. These are the challenges

How have you been able to cope?
I have been lucky though. I usually get favours without having to sell myself cheaply. I also believe that whatever I want is not a do or die affair. If I don’t have money, I let it slide because I am not in a hurry. I believe in waiting for the right time and also,letting God decide my fate.

Do you think we have record labels that live up to their promises?
Just a few of them I must say. Nigerians are greedy and impatient. Most record labels don’t have what it takes to push an artiste. I mean the needed structure, funds and promotions platforms needed to take an artiste from talent to superstar status. I have been part of a record label before and it wasn’t what I expected, so I had to quit

Are you satisfied with how far you have gone in the music industry?
So far, I have tried my best and God has been faithful. Some people have come into the industry with millions and have not achieved half of what I’ve achieved. I’ve got a strong fans-base in the east. It’s only a matter of time; I will become a household name.

What makes you different?
What makes me different is the uniqueness of my sound.

Do you think sex sells in entertainment?
Sex sells of course. That’s why you see guys showing off their six packs and the babes showing off their hips. The fans are happy and the artistes smile to the bank. It’s a win –win situation

So, will you be using that to push your music?
Well, I am sexy already. I don’t have to take off my clothes to get attention. I know am sexy. I get that attention all the time. I don’t try too much to be noticed. I usually get noticed from a distance. I am tall, got straight beautiful legs, fair in complexion and have a pretty face. A little tease and eyes pop out everywhere.

Have you ever been embarrassed on stage during a performance?
There was a day I was performing on stage with my dancers and my song refused to play. I got on stage and introduced my song and it just didn’t play. After spending like five minute, it played. Meanwhile, the audience got noisy and then someone from the crowd said: “Sing na, abi shame don catch you?” I replied the individual and said: “Na wa for you o, things like this happens”

What changes would you love to see in the music industry?
I would love to see unity among artistes. A -list artistes need to help the up and coming artistes without billing them .You can imagine an artiste billing an upcoming 1.5m to feature in a song. I know of a few but won’t mention names. Let us love ourselves and make the industry grow better.

What is your opinion on sex before marriage?
It is against the Christian religion but flesh is flesh. It’s difficult these days. It’s up to the individuals. Sex is very important in a relationship, so I wouldn’t blame individuals who indulge in it before marriage. I don’t believe in divorce. So I’d rather check my partner’s compatibility and beg for forgiveness later, than marry and then divorce.