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Ministerial Screening: Nigerians Single Out Fashola

The senate has confirmed the appointment of Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) and 17 others as ministers while the Screening of Rotimi Ameachi was deferred. Lets see what happens today. Do you think Ameachi would scale the hurdles? well, that is an issue for another day...

Fashola was the first to appear before the senate yesterday and ever since his appearance, Nigerians have singled him out. No thanks to JAGABAN, all thanks to President Buhari who had already spotted the potentials in Fashola. According to the rumours, Fashola was not Tinubu's preferred candidate to represent Lagos in the Federal cabinet. Anyways, that issue is now laid to rest.

All through the screening, Fashola held the attention of the senators as he confidently answered his questions. When quizzed about the borehole and website fraud allegation, he responded: “As governor of Lagos state, i didn’t sign cheques, none of my commissioners signed cheques.”

Nigerians were wowed by his amazing performance and are now talking about it on social media. Some are already campaigning for him to be president of Nigeria. See some of the comments below;

Funmi Iyanda @Funmilola
Shiiiiii! Don't distract me. I'm in class. Fashola is speaking.

Lasagasy @lasagasy
@tundefashola can be president of Nigeria. Seriously speaking #TheList

ZahrahMusa @Zahrahmusa
If I am alive and Fashola runs for president of Nigeria, I shall campaign with all my strength. In sha Allah... 

onapleasuride @pleasuride
Nigerians: A good orator cannot be a thief #MinisterialScreening#Fashola

Funmi Iyanda @Funmilola
Take a gaddem bow, the nation is schooled. #Fashola#MinisterialScreening

tolu ogunlesi @toluogunlesi
I hope the 36 state governors are watching Fashola's screening and taking notes.

Ali George @aligthebaptist
Babatunde Fashola, SAN is a difficult man to hate, firm, articulate, upright and full of substance #MiinisterialScreening

Ifreke Inyang @Ifreke
Young men, watch Fashola and learn. Go to school. Study to show yourself!

Bello El-Rufai @B_ELRUFAI
I heard someone said "it's like someone gave Babatunde Fashola expo" for this hearing.

Emmanuel Etim @Emiearth
Intelligence is the greatest attraction any 'man' can posses. YES i am attracted to Babatunde Raji Fashola. He is political bae

Someone said Fashola should have succeeded Lord Lugard as the GOVERNOR GENERAL of NIGERIA.

So what is your own remark for Fashola? Kindly leave your remark in the comment box below. Cheers