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Buhari not interested in ministers

If not for political reasons, I bet you, President Muhammadu Buhari would not appoint ministers. Have you thought of the reasons why Buhari is reluctant to appoint ministers? Well, am not his spokes person but am sure he believes they are of no relevance other than to embezzle public funds.

Barely three months into office, Buhari has refused to appoint ministers. When the pressure was much on him, he said he was taking his time so as to get the right people for the job hence, he promised that on or before September 30th, he was going to release the ministerial list.

Today is September 30 the promised date and we are yet to see the list, let alone sending it to Senate for screening before the ministers are officially announced.

As at yesterday, there were rumours that the President had sent the ministerial list through his Special Adviser on National Assembly Matters to the Senate for screening. I wonder where such rumour came from. Am sure you are wondering too...The senate resumed yesterday after 6 weeks recession and the spokes man for the Senate Senator Dino Maleye confirmed that they are yet to get the ministerial list.

I am of the opinion that Nigeria would do better without these ministers whom Buhari had earlier tagged "Noise Makers" see what he said about the ministers:

“No. It is what we know –and which we learnt from the western system. The civil service provides the continuity, the technocrat. And in any case, they are those that do most of the work,” Buhari said when he was asked if the lack of a cabinet was affecting his government.

“The ministers are there, I think, to make a lot of noise; for the politicians to make a lot of noise. But the work is being done by the technocrats. They are there; they have to provide the continuity, dig into the records and then guide us, [those of us] who are just coming in.

They have been there, some of them for 15 years, some for 20 years. So I think this question of ministers is political. People from different constituencies want to see their people directly in government, and see what they can get out of it,” he added.

Amidst all the noise and controversies surrounding the ministerial list,  President Buhari yesterday, appointed the minister for Petroleum. Guess who the person is? You would be disappointed if you take a guess. 

Speaking to some reporters in New York  yesterday after addressing a Global Leaders Summit, Buhari said he would personally head the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in the new cabinet yet to be announced. According to him, this step is being taken as part of efforts to sanitise Nigeria's oil industry, which is said to be plagued by corruption, massive fraud and crude oil theft.

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