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Houseboy badly injured while peeping at his madam having her bath

A 26-year-old domestic worker who allegedly made holes around the bathroom door, through which he peeped at his female boss whenever she had a shower, had gotten his spine badly wounded.

The domestic worker, Ubong Etu Nbomang, injured his spine as he fell off a platform which he climbed to have a better view of his female boss as she showered.

According to a punch report, he has been hospitalised at the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State, after the accident.

A female friend to Nbomang’s boss, was said to have walked into the sitting room but there was no one there,so when she heard the sound of dropping water, she approached her friend’s bathroom out of curiosity, only to find the young man peeping.

The boss’s friend said as Nbomang was peeping, he played with his private organ.

She said she shouted at him: “Nbomang, are you peeping at your madam?”

The shock he got on hearing his name made him jump off where he was and slipped on the wet tiled floor.

The unwary boss at the same time had rushed out of the bathroom in the nude when she heard groans and a sudden fall she could not imagine.

Her friend narrated:

“I said to her: ‘So, you are not aware he has been here chirping at you whilst you had your bath? I met him peeping, after asking for who was in the house without any response. I have been here for more than 15 minutes now without him knowing.”

Nbomang who was still whimpering painfully, pleaded with his boss for forgiveness and asked her to please take him to a hospital.

“Out of pity,” she continued, “my friend called her driver to take Nbomang to a hospital, the closest was the Federal Medical Centre.”

Nbomang’s boss, said, “In short, he has been fired already, and I do hope he gets well.

“Prior to this day, I sometimes catch him stare at me but I never imagined otherwise because I saw it as nothing. It was when he was confessing that I got to know that he was the one that bore tiny holes on my door, which until this incident I never knew of.”