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Popular Cool FM OAP Freeze Set to Divorce Wife of 13 Years

Freeze and his kids-

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to manage a fraudulent marriage, it just can’t stand. Lagos based OAP Freeze has finally filed for divorce from his wife, Ope. The couple has two kids together before things went wrong between them. See what Freeze said:

“The Lord’s goodness is awesome. His love conquers all. This birthday has been my best in over 15 years!! The Lord has removed the monster that tormented me all this while. The cause of all my misery and affliction, the plaque in my tent, the thorn in my flesh, the source of my torment that bedeviled me, taunted and teased me, yet was the force behind my ordeal. Thank you lord for setting me free.”

If you’re lucky to have a good wife or good husband, cherish him/her dearly. What some folks go through can be classified as hell on earth, all thanks to fraudulent marriages. 
Freeze and wife

Source: Information Nigeria