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John Fashanu Reportedly Arrested for Possession of Gun

John Fashanu, a former footballer was reportedly arrested and quizzed on Saturday in Abuja when an unlicensed gun was found in his Abuja home during a raid by the Nigerian Police. reported that Fashanu is currently in a bitter divorce with his estranged wife and the former footballer claimed he was set up by Abigail who is the mother in law to former Super Eagles captain,Joseph Yobo.

According to reports, about 20 officers stormed Fashanu's 20-room mansion in Abuja with a search warrant and seized a gun as well as 5 passports before taking him to the a police station to be questioned.

The former Wimbledon F.C. striker was held for almost six hours.

Fashuna however denied that he was taken to the police station, claiming that he went voluntarily.

“I was not arrested - I went to the police station voluntarily. I’ll go back tomorrow morning to the police station. I expect to pay a fine. It was an old fashioned firearm. I don’t actually know what model it is - it’s like a stub gun,” he told the Daily Mirror.