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Girl bites off Boyfriend's Penis in Lagos

Hi guys, you all have one or two lessons to learn from this story. I actually got this story from and I feel I should share it with you. The story is narrated thus:

A young man who tried to rape his girlfriend has had his just reward after the girl managed to bite off his manhood in Lagos.

According to witnesses, the young man had taken the girl whom he had met few days earlier to his friend's place, with the intention of having sex with her but it turned out to be tragic for him as the girl was said to have refused his sexual advances.

Thinking he had the power to force the girl into having sex with him, the resorted to raping her but met his match when the girl managed to get her teeth on his weapon of destruction and bit off the head.

This is how a witness narrated the horrific incident:

"The guy went to his friend's place with his babe. A few hours later, the girl came out screaming rape, rape, rape. Later, the guy came out too screaming help,help, help.

The girl's clothes had been torn and she had blood on them and then she was given a cloth to cover herself. But when the guy came out with blood on his body, everyone was shocked and that's when we knew the girl bit off his penis and this was done with her teeth.

The guy was taken to the hospital but when they got to the hospital, they realized that the other part was no longer there. They had to come back home to look for the remaining part, but by then it was dead. Though they stitched it, he's still in the hospital."