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Fayose Escapes Impeachment as 7th Assembly Ends

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has said he is now prepared to concentrate on the development of the state following the victory over lawmakers of the All Progressives Congress, who plotted his impeachment.
The tenure of the lawmakers came to an end Thursday.

In a broadcast to Ekiti State citizens on Thursday, Mr. Fayose commended his supporters for their unflinching support and their eventual thwarting of the attempt made by the lawmakers to impeach him.

He said although it was a very traumatic period, the people with one voice stood and protected the mandate given him.

The Governor noted that the period of the crisis could have been used for the development of the state, saying, “With the victory against the attempted impeachment, I will now squarely face the business of governance”.

He said he would embark on fulfilling his campaign promises, despite the current financial situation and make the welfare of the people his priority.

“The last few months have been traumatic, especially this week. I was not given room for concentration, but I had left the battle for God to fight. I told those planning to impeach me that they will succeed‎ if they can impeach God,” he said.

“I did not bring myself back to power, my coming back after eight years is divine. I defeated the APC totally in all the elections, still they did not want to concede victory easily until when Ekiti people rose to defend that June 21 mandate.”

Mr. Fayose said he would not waste his time on revenge, since it was God that gave him “the victory”.

The governor also arranged to lead a procession which he tagged “a victory walk,” of all his supporters from Ijigbo Junction to the State House of Assembly, for the inauguration of the new house.

The Governor and the 19 APC lawmakers had been engaged in a standoff following threats by the lawmakers to impeach him.

Although the threats had been dangling over the governor since he took over, it was renewed after May 29, when President Muhammadu Buhari, took over the reigns of power and the APC emerging as the ruling party.

Thugs and other PDP supporters had taken over the streets and the House of Assembly complex since Monday to prevent the lawmakers from gaining access into the chambers of the assembly.

Although the situation had come close to anarchy, the police command in the state did nothing to give the lawmakers protection if they attempted to return to their duties.

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