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Buhari's Account of Stewardship within 30 Days in Office

The 29th of June 2015, marked the 30th day of assuming office for President Muhammadu Buhari. Critics have tagged his administration as motion and no movement government due to his in ability to unveil his cabinet members which they believe has brought government business in ministries, departments and agencies to a dangerous standstill with coordination of important policies vested on ministers and the SGF now in tatters.

Here are some of the things Buhari has done in the last 30 days in office;

  • Buhari had succeeded in relocating the Military Base to the North in order to intensify fight against Boko Haram, also, he gave directive that all military road blocks across the country be dismantled ordering the Nigeria Police to take up the sole responsibility of maintaining internal security.
  • He attended the G7 summit seeking the G7 countries help to stabilize our dwindling economy and also fight the  Boko haram scourge.
  • He attended AU summit in South Africa
  • He dissolved the Board of NNPC which is believed to be the Nation's cash cow. New board is yet to be constituted.
  • Finally, he has inaugurated the  National Economic Council, to look into the national crisis of unpaid salaries of civil servants. The council which is headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has the 36 state governors and the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria as members, is saddled with the responsibility of advising the President on economic affairs of the country.
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