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Oil Marketers to Begin Immediate Lifting of Petroleum Products

Major OIL MARKETERS Association of Nigeria have agreed to begin lifting of petroleum products nationwide after the Joint Senate Committee on petroleum resources (Upstream & DownStream) resolved to immediately mobilise their members to commence distribution of fuel across the country.
The Oil Marketers and the Senate Committee reached a consensus after the Minister of FINANCE gave an undertaking to the Marketers and Depot Managers that the work of the committee being headed by CBN and PPPRA, on the outstanding claims, would be concluded and be reflected in the hand over notes to the incoming administration.

In view of this, Depot Managers have agreed to open all their depots nationwide so that lifting would commence and had agreed with the DPR to withdraw the operational licence of any depot which was not opened for fuel lifting. 

NNPC has also directed all relevant staff, working in the various depots across the country, to work 24 hours, including Saturday and Sunday, for the next two weeks until normalcy returns to the sector.