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GEJ To BUHARI: Probe Others Too If You Want to Probe Me

President Goodluck Jonathan's regime has been perceived to be the most corrupt administration in the history of Nigeria, incurring about $21.8b out of the $63b debt being owed by successive government since independence.
At the valedictory session of the Federal Executive Council held yesterday which the president presided over at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the president said incoming President, Muhammadu Buhari must extend his probe beyond his regime or else the probe will be seen as witch-hunting. 

He also said those calling for his administration’s probe should also add that the probe should be extended to the way oil wells and fields were allocated in the past.

The President also made it clear that he has not dissolved his cabinet as all ministers are expected to attend inauguration dinner on Thursday (today) in their official capacity.

Where is the Oputa panel report? At least it will guide Buhari in his probe even though he refused to face the panel then.